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You wake up in a cold, gloomy dungeon cell. You have no idea where you are, in fact, you don't even remember who you are. As you escape from your imprisonment in search of answers, what kind of truths will you uncover?

This will be my first game, and right now I only have a demo for you to try out if you want. Would really appreciate it if you play it and give me your thoughts on it.

Also, if you have a Youtube channel and decide to make a let's play video of this, please leave a link to the video in the comments, would love to see it!


Move around - Arrow Keys

Run - Shift

Interact, Use - Z

Open menu screen - X

Game always starts in windowed mode, if you want fullscreen, tap Alt + Enter while the game is running.

Install instructions

Just extract the folder and place it wherever you want, then launch the game from the file called Game.exe.


DuraiganDemo wcs.rar 217 MB

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